Maritime Economics 3rd Edition Data Sources

The Maritime Economics third edition draws on a number of published sources for information.  Limitations of space meant that it was not always possible to reproduce information in full, but readers carrying out their own research, or just interested in understanding the subject better, can go to the website and download the original information.  This page contains links to the useful websites dealing with shipping and economic factors.
  1. BP Statistical Review of World Energy: A superb collection of statistics about oil, coal and gas prices and oil trade with data going back to the 1960s with lots of detail.
  2. International Maritime Organization (IMO): This is the place to find the latest information on IMO conventions as discussed in Chapter 16.  It's a complex site so be prepared to dig!
  3. International Labour Office (ILO): Get details of the latest ILO conventions
  4. OECD Statistics: A very interesting collection of economic statistics which can be downloaded.
  5. UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport: You can download last year's edition of this comprehensive review of shipping produced annually by UNCTAD.  (You have to pay for the latest one.)
  6. Teekay Annual Report: An example of shipping accounts discussed in Chapter 6 Tables 6.10-6.12
  7. IEA World Energy Outlook: There is lots of good data on the IEA site, so this is just one example — the long term energy outlook report.  It's last year's edition but still a fascinating source of information.
  8. The Platou Monthly Report: An excellent monthly report on the tanker, bulk carrier and containership markets.