Chapter 5: The Four Shipping Markets

Course overview — in course 5 we review how the markets work in practice.  Shipping business is conducted through four related markets dealing in different commodities: freight, second-hand … More

Unit 5.1: The four shipping markets

Markets play such a big part in the operation of the international sea transport business that we must start … More

Unit 5.2: The freight market

The original freight market, the Baltic Shipping Exchange, first started to trade as a commodity and shipping … More

Unit 5.3: The freight derivatives market

A derivatives contract is a legally binding agreement in which two parties agree to compensate each other, … More

Unit 5.4: The sale & purchase market

Discusses the market where ships are bought and sold.

Unit 5.5: The newbuilding market

Discusses the market where new ships are ordered.

Unit 5.6: The demolition market

Discusses the market where old ships are sold for demolition.

Unit 5.7: Summary

A brief summary of Course 5, covering the main issues, just to jog your memory, for example for revision … More
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