Chapter 3: Shipping Market Cycles

Course overview — shipping market cycles dominate the industry’s economic thinking.  A discussion of of the characteristics of shipping cycles leads on to a review of how experts have … More

Unit 3.1: Characteristics of Shipping Cycles

Welcome to Unit 3.1: Characteristics of Shipping Cycles.  In this unit we deal with the basics of shipping … More

Unit 3.2: The Length of Shipping Cycles

Shipping cycles are the heartbeat of the shipping industry.  The question "how long will this go on?" is … More

Unit 3.3: Shipping cycles and shipping risk

Unit 3.3 analyses cycle risk from the perspective of the cargo shipper and shipowner.  It also looks at how … More

Unit 3.4: Overview of shipping cycles 1741-2015

Review of the big picture — 272 years of shipping cycles.  They come in all shapes and sizes!

Unit 3.5: Case study — Shipowner's perspective

In Case Study A we run throught the problems of managing tanker investments through a "Superboom".

Unit 3.6: Case Study — Shipbuilder's Perspective

The shipyards view shipping cycles in a very different way from shipowners.  They have employees to think … More

Unit 3.7: Lessons about predicting freight cycles

Finally it's time to see what lessons can be learnt about shipping cycles and what chance there is of … More
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