Chapter 2: Introduction to Maritime Transport

Course overview — The aim of course 2 is to map out the economic framework of the shipping industry.  Like the street map of a city, it shows how different parts of the Maritime business fit … More

Unit 2.1: Overview of the Maritime industry

This unit starts by looking at where sea transport fits into Maritime activities as a whole and reviews five … More

Unit 2.2: Characteristics of sea transport demand

Transport demand sounds simple as a concept: it is about moving cargo from one place to another.  But defining … More

Unit 2.3: The sea transport system

In Course 1 we discussed the new transport system developed since 1950, based on mechanisation of sea … More

Unit 2.4: The world merchant fleet

The supply of shipping services is provided by the world merchant fleet which is the company and … More

Unit 2.5: The cost of sea transport

One of shipping's great achievements has been to make sea transport so cheap that the cost of freight is not … More

Unit 2.6: The role of ports in the transport system

One of the major issues facing sea transport systems is the transfer of cargo between sea and land.  The cost … More

Unit 2.7: The companies that run the business

Any industrial system depends on the decision-makers, and in the case of shipping we are concerned with the … More

Unit 2.8: Summary of Lecture 2

A brief summary covering the main issues, just to jog your memory — for example for revision purposes.

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