Topical Lecture 2: Shipping Market Outlook, October 2016

Author: Dr Martin Stopford

This lecture provides an overview of the shipping market outlook as seen from October 2016.  It covers the status of the shipping cycle in 11 sectors; overall supply and demand analysis; review of the shipbuilding market and a view of the supply-demand balance going forward.  The lecture was first given at Capital Link Forum in London, 5th October 2016

Introduction: Overview of shipping market lecture Oct 2016

In this introductory video we run through the lecture.  In G 2.2 we review the main market trends and where we … More

Unit 1: Some bullet points of main market trends

This part of the lecture reviews the overall trends in the market with the help of a slide listing the key … More

Unit 2: The market cycle today

This unit runs through various indicators of earnings over the last 25 years and puts the current market … More

Unit 3: The demand side of the market

In unit 3 we take a closer look at the demand side of the shipping market, starting with world industrial … More

Unit 4: The supply side of the market

In this unit we take a closer look at the supply side of the market, and of course this means shipbuilding … More

Unit 5: The shipping market supply-demand balance

In this final unit of the lecture we take a look at how supply and demand are interacting.  Currently across … More
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