Chapter 1: History of Cargo Transport By Sea

Course overview — because shipping is such an old industry, we have a unique opportunity to learn from the past.  Shipping plays a central part in the global economy, and its well documented … More

Unit 1.1: Introduction and shipping's mission

In this unit we focus on shipping's mission to move cargo around the globe efficiently.  Economists were quick … More

Unit 1.2: Maritime trade 3000 BC to 1482 AD

In this unit we study the evolution of maritime transport over 4500 years.  Initially sea trade was spread … More

Unit 1.3: Opening global trade 1492 to 1833

This unit tracks the development of shipping between the voyages of discovery in the 1490s to the beginning … More

Unit 1.4: Liner and tramp shipping 1840 to 1950

In the 19th century shipping was transformed from a sluggish and uncoordinated business to a highly efficient … More

Unit 1.5: Global free trade

The next major shipping revolution was triggered by the Bretton Woods conference in 1944.  That conference … More

Unit 1.6: Industrial shipping system develops

In 20 years between 1950 and 1970 the maritime industry adopted a completely new transport system.  Liners and … More

Unit 1.7: Lessons from 5000 years of shipping

This final unit provides a brief summary of the development of shipping over 5000 years, and reviews the … More
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