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Each Maritime Lecture has up to 8 Units.  Click the links below to view a Maritime Lecture and its Units.

Lecture 1: Sea transport and the world economy

Lecture 2: Introduction to Maritime Transport

Lecture 3: Shipping Market Cycles

Lecture 4: Supply, Demand and Freight Rates

Lecture 5: The Four Shipping Markets

Lecture 6: Costs, revenue & financial performance

Lecture 7: Financing ships & shipping companies

Lecture 8: Risk, return and company economics

Lecture 9: The Geography of Maritime Trade

Lecture 10: The Principles of Maritime Trade
Lecture 11: Transport of Bulk Cargo
Lecture 12: Transport of Specialised Cargoes
Lecture 13: The Economics of Liner Shipping
Lecture 14: The Ships that supply the Transport
Lecture 15: The Economics of Shipbuilding and Scrapping
Lecture 16: The Regulation of the Maritime Industry
Lecture 17: Forecasting and Market Research
Lecture 18: An Introduction to Ship Market Modelling
Lecture 19: Valuing Ships for Transactions
Lecture 20: References and recommended reading

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The Maritime Lectures

The Maritime Lectures is a subsidiary of Marecon Ltd, an organisation founded in 1997 by Dr Martin Stopford to provide a vehicle for his work in Maritime education.  The Maritime lectures website was developed to provide support for anyone involved in running academic courses relating to the Maritime industry, or training staff to work in the industry.  Using Martin Stopford's textbook "Maritime Economics" as a framework, the website has been developed to provide an easily accessible "third dimensional" Maritime education.  Its aim is to provide "blended learning" support to teachers and trainers, in the form of short videos; graphic material; Web links and simple tests to help make the basic learning process more efficient.

The following short video (to be added later) summarises the background and approach to developing the Maritime lectures.

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