Chapter 9: The Geography of Maritime Trade

Course overview -The shipping industry adds value by exploiting arbitrages between global markets and there is a physical dimension to shipping economics, so we must be aware of the … More

Unit 9.1: Oceans, Distances and Transit Times

Oceans, Distances and Transit Times.

Unit 9.2: Europe seaborne trade

Europe's sea trade

Unit 9.3: North America's seaborne trade

North America's sea trade.

Unit 9.4: South America's seaborne trade

South America's seaborne trade.

Unit 9.5: Asia's seaborne trade

Asia's sea trade.

Unit 9.6: Africa's seaborne trade

Africa's sea trade.

Unit 9.7: Middle East, Central Asia, Russias & Oceana

The remaining areas sea trade.

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